How To Download Games From FitGirl Repack This page will help you to solve typical problems, which can appear while installing repacks (mine included) and running installed games.

Essential advices How To Download Games From FitGirl Repack

Before reading further, make sure you’re through the following steps

Your Windows username have to be latin-only (numbers allowed too)

Many games  (especially latest CODEX ones) do not properly work on accounts with non-latin symbols. Also complex repacks can use additional software which also may crash while running in “ВАСЯ” username folder. So change your username once and for all. Or better yet, create new latin-name user in Windows and completely switch to it. That way the folder name will be a good one and all above-mentioned software  will work.

Re-hash the downloaded torrent

Torrents download content in blocks. Sometimes some blocks download with errors. Obviously, if you try to unpack the data from damaged archive, nothing good will happen. So rehash. This procedure checks each downloaded block for completion. Broken ones will be automatically set for redownload.

Steps for rehashing in uTorrent (other clients are very similar)
  • Open uTorrent and select the downloaded repack
  • Stop this download
  • Press right mouse button and select “Force Re-check”

After rehashing is complete, it will be either 100% (GOOD, OK TORRENT) or incomplete (like 99.8%). In that case start this torrent again and let it finish. Then rehash again to make sure that NOW it’s complete. If the rehashing always drops down from 100%, you have a bad memory module (DIMM), and should replace it as soon as possible.


Disable antivirus

Most likely you have at least one antivirus active. Or even two, like default Windows Defender + AVAST or Malwarebytes or something else. While installing MY repacks (or repacks from other safe groups, listed in my FAQ), disable them. WD and MWB are the only two AVs, which block parts of my installers, while other AVs don’t give a damn. Of course, it’s false positive reaction to my “run.exe” program, which allows execution of multiple compressors/decompressors on all your CPU cores. Check VirusTotal report on this file.

My thoughts on AVs in general

Modern AVs are paranoid. They usually see danger in safe files and skip real malware. This is more actual for compressed/protected software and

especially from Chinese groups, such as 3DM.

This may sound scary, but in the real world THERE IS NO ANTIVIRUS, which will protect you from modern trojans, bitcoin miners and similar stuff. In most cases harmful apps won’t be blocked, but absolutely safe programs – will be, as false positives. And since AVs usually work silently, without even notifying you about blocked stuff – you will wonder, why the installer don’t work or why the game don’t want to launch.

One of the biggest downfalls of AVs is they resident mode, when ALL open files, even not executables, arc checked on the fly. This mode can slow down a fast installer for HOURS, because every unpacked file will be checked with AVs engine. Complex repacks do lots of HDD read/writes, and it alone is not fast, but coupled with AV will ruin your experience.

The best antivirus is your brain. Don’t download suspicious software, don’t open attachments in your email, keep your browser up-to-date, disable Flash and Java. This will protect you from 99% of potential malware. You can use antivirus in scan mode on daily basis, with VERBOSE mode, when you will see, what AV counts a real danger.

Set UAC to a minimum level (Never Notify)

UAC (User Access Control) is another system, “protecting” you from suspicious software. It may be somewhat useful for total noobs, who sees the PC first time in life, but if you’re here downloading repacks, I guess you’re not a total noob anymore.

Complex repacks require execution of different (de)compressors from User Temp folder. Default UAC settings restrict those files from execution, stopping the installer.

Make sure you have enough Virtual Memory

If you have 4 GB of RAM, set virtual memory to 8 GB (Custom size: set both initial and maximum size to 8192)

If you have 8 GB of RAM, set virtual memory to 16 GB (Custom size: set both initial and maximum size to 16384).

If you have 16 GB of RAM, set virtual memory also to 16 GB (Custom size: set both initial and maximum size to 16384)

If you have 32 GB of RAM, set virtual memory also to 8 GB (Custom size: set both initial and maximum size to 8192) just in case.

Do not set “System managed size”, cause it’s slower. Fixed VM size is the most efficient setting.

Why Virtual Memory is important?

Use 2 GB Memory Limit option

For a while my installers have an option of limiting the RAM usage to 2 GB. If your machine has 8 GB or RAM or less, always use it. 8 GB RAM is a very low amount novadays, with browsers alone eating half of that size.

Run the setup with Windows 7 compatibility

If you’re using Windows 10 and have errors with missing files or something like this, run the setup.exe with compatibility set to Windows 7. And run it as admin.

Run the setup in Safe Mode

Some antiviruses can’t ever be turned off completely and will delete necessary files even when you think you turned them off. You didn’t. They know better. So in that case reboot in Safe mode and install again. No crapware will interrupt in the installation process.

Make sure you have enough free space on target drive

DO NOT ignore the “No enough disk space” message, if the installer says so. Also it’s recommended to NOT install repacks on drives, which have just a few more Gigabytes of space left after installation. During installations with low memory available installer may eat more free space it stated.

Turn off any heavy load on the target drive How To Download Games From FitGirl Repack

If you have torrents active on the same physical drive, on which you’re installing the game and this drive is not SSD – expect REALLY LONG installation. Any application, creating constant heavy load on your disk will drive you mad while your installation. You can continue seeding after you install the game.

Try install the game NOT to C:  drive OR specifically to C: drive

Windows rights system is a tricky thing. If you’re not a proper admin in your OS, some folders/drives may be limited for your account. Sometimes game cannot be installed on C:, only on other drives, and sometimes – vice versa, only on system drive. And of course, avoid installing games to Program Files\Program Files (x86) folders. This folder usually has the most limited rights.

Check your Windows folder (and below) for unarc.dll – if this file exists, delete it

My repacks use custom unarc.dll, NOT compatible with other unarc.dll, which you could download in hope to fix “Unarc.dll Error”. Remember, there are SEVERAL types of those errors, they mean different things. And other unarc.dll won’t help.

Run setup with proper rights,  as shown on this image

Typical errors and solutions

I can’t run the setup.exe, it’s missing or nothing happens when I try to launch it!

Your Windows Defender/SmartScreen (or similar protection software, even browser) blocked it.

1. While the file is on your desktop or in one of your user folders, right click or press and hold on the file, and click/tap on Properties.

2. Under the General tab, click/tap on the Unblock button, and click/tap on OK.

NOTE: If you do not see an Unblock button, then the file has already been unblocked.

More info on the subject can be found here.

 It is not found any file specified for ISArcExtract


There are four possible reasons for that popular error. Listed by popularity:

  • Your download is broken, some BIN-files are not complete. To solve it, rehash the torrent, following instructions written far above.
  • You didn’t download all necessary files for your selection. Say, you’re installing the game in English, but didn’t download setup-fitgirl-selective-english.bin from torrent or filehoster. Download required file and try again.
  • You’re running the installation from a folder with a weird name, like “C:\Users\ВАСЯ-ПУПКИН\Downloads\__[]_Super Fitgirl Repack [FitGirl Repack]\”. In such cases setup.exe can’t see it’s BIN-files and can’t proceed them. Move setup.exe + all BIN files to a shorter path, like “C:\Repacks\Super Repack” and run installer from there.
  • You have antivirus or UAC active, which prevented rebuiding of temporary archive (I use them a lot) and thus that archive can’t be extracted. So, disable AV or UAC and reinstall the game.

Visual C++ Runtime Installer

I also recommend you to install all C++ Redistributables. You may try this small All-In-One pack or get them separately from Microsoft site.

WINE Troubleshooting

Under WINE the full-screen background takes over the desktop completely, so that no other program (including the installer window, or even native Linux apps running side by side) can’t be used. The solution to this is to open winecfg -> Graphics tab -> check Emulate a virtual desktop.

The installer gets stuck on “Checking admin rights…” if something newer than Windows XP is emulated. (Wine doesn’t handle UAC and admin checks properly yet – every program runs as admin even if Windows Vista/7/8/10 is emulated.) The solution to this is to open winecfg -> Applications tab -> set the Windows version to Windows XP globally (as the installer spawns other processes with mismatching Windows versions – this usually ends badly).How To Download Games From FitGirl Repack

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Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

One of the primary goals for your lawyer who handles truck accidents is to determine which circumstances and actions contributed to the accident. The 18-wheelers crash due to various motives, such as:

  • Overloaded or Improperly Loaded Vehicles
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  • Installation Defects

To pinpoint the cause (and to hold the responsible individuals accountable for the damages you sustained) we’ll collaborate with the top experts and conduct a thorough investigation.

Reasons 18-Wheelers Are So Dangerous

  • They carry heavy loads When carrying an entire load, an 18-wheeler weighs an average of 80,000 pounds. This is about 400 tons. To put that figure into perspective an average car weighs approximately 2700 pounds. That’s one ton. That’s a lot of 18-wheelers. four times more heavy than the majority of the vehicles they share the roads with. When 18-wheelers meet with other motor vehicles their weight result in severe injuries, massive destruction to property, as well as, unfortunately tragic deaths.
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Why You Should Hire a Top Truck Crash Lawyer

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trucking Companies regularly deny responsibility and aggressively defend nearly every caseSince there are hundreds of trucking accidents each year and trucking companies are experienced in the most effective strategies to avoid responsibility and the expenses associated with accidents caused by their 18-wheeler drivers. A majority of trucking firms will send their representatives to their way to the site of an incident in a matter of hours or minutes , and they begin to gather evidence to settle any claim you might file against them.

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18-Wheeler Collision with a Truck Cases are Complex because 18-wheelers, car accidents and medical injuries can be complicated by their nature, litigation involving truck accidents is also. These cases involve complex concepts that span chemistry, physics as well as federal trucking regulations, medical, biology driving standards, economics. When a case that is that is based on an 18-wheeler accident is brought to trial, the victims of accidents will need to present their case to the jury by describing what transpired using all of the complicated science and industry-specific theories and concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions in 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Cases

Q What can I do to safeguard myself from a truck 18-wheeler accident?

A: The initial and foremost thing to do is to get a successful and experienced attorney for accidents involving 18-wheelers. Combating large trucking companies is something that you’ll need expertise to master. They have a wealth of resources, with lawyers and experts who are more than capable of fighting any lawsuits that come their way. If you’ve been injured in a crash involving an 18-wheeler get in touch with a skilled truck accident lawyer from Munley Law who will ensure that you get the amount you deserve.

Q How should I proceed right away after an 18-wheeler accident?

A: If you’re ever involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler here are the steps to do at the scene:

  • Keep calm and inside the vehicle (unless you have to leave for reasons of safety)
  • Contact 911 (even when you think your accident is not serious)
  • Get medical attention at the scene of any accident who suffers injuries of any nature
  • Do not move your vehicle till the time that police are on site (unless absolutely needed)
  • Don’t quit the scene
  • Note down all names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all participants, including witnesses
  • Note down the badge numbers and names of any officers who are investigating the accident.
  • Take pictures of the area, which includes the vehicles as well as the injuries
  • Do not be ashamed to admit your the fault
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Do not discuss the incident with anyone other than you and the police, or with your personal insurance agent or representative. you do not have to provide a statement to anyone else than you and the insurance provider.

Q How should I proceed after an 18-wheeler semi-truck crash?

A: Here’s what you should do following an 18-wheeler semi-truck accident:

  • Take a copy of the incident investigation report by the police. Also, get the valuation of property damage from the insurance company.
  • Keep a log of your visits to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Record all symptoms or pains that you feel. Keep copies of the results of any tests and treatments, medications and any other medical treatment.
  • Make a list of all costs out-of-pocket that you pay for injuries or as a result of your crash.
  • Keep a log of the time you the absences from work or other activities that injuries prevented you from engaging in.
  • Speak with a lawyer prior to signing any settlement agreements.

Q Who can you to sue in an 18-wheeler crash?

A: Accidents involving trucks are more complex due to the larger number of those who may be responsible. This could include: the driver of the truck, firm that handles the truck as well as who owns the trailer or truck as well as the third party manufacturer as well as the company that is responsible to load the truck and even the organization accountable on the content of the trailer. The best way to decide the best course of action for your specific semi-truck accident is to consult an attorney.

Q: What is the time frame I must follow for a court case following an accident with a truck?

A: In the majority of states including Pennsylvania the time limit for filing a crash involving an 18-wheeler incident is two years following the incident. Don’t wait for two years before filing. The case is simpler to analyze and recover compensation when you are closer you get to the date of the incident, so that the information and evidence are fresh. If you delay, crucial evidence could disappear or be destroyed. This gives the trucking firm along with its personal team of experts and investigators on site of accident more time to prepare their defense.

Q: What is it going to cost to employ an attorney for an 18-wheeler truck crash?

A: We operate on a contingency-fee basis. What does that mean? We will not charge fees unless we prevail in your case. We do not charge you in advance or out of your personal pockets. We are Munley Law, we will not be paid until we receive your payment.

Q: Why Should I Choose Munley Law to Represent Me in My Truck Accident Case?

A An example: At Munley Law We have a proven track record of obtaining justice for those injured in truck accidents. This includes collisions that involve 18-wheeler truck. We have been so ardent and repeatedly for our clients that our lawyers have been recognized repeatedly as the best in the field of truck accident.

Munley Law has more experience in cases involving truck accidents that any law company located in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey. Our wins in truck litigation include:

$32 MillionWrongful Death

$26 MillionTruck Accident

$17.5 MillionCar Accident

$12 MillionProduct Liability

$8 MillionTruck Accident

$8 MillionTruck Accident/Wrongful Death

$7.5 MillionAuto Accident

$6.9 MillionGarbage Truck Crash

$6.5 MillionTraumatic Brain Injury

$5 MillionMedical Malpractice

$5 MillionBus Accident

$4.7 MillionTruck Accidents

18 Wheeler Cases are Complex and Require Experience to get You the Justice You Deserve — So Choose Carefully

We have handled 18 wheeler cases for years our knowledge and experience is unrivaled. We have the experience to give you the best recuperation.

Munley Law is a family-run law firm. We take on your truck crash case with the full power that our team and we work together to get the most favorable outcome. We will also represent you in negotiations as well as in court We will also be there as your advocate to help you through this stressful time.

Chat live, call us or fill out our contact form and begin the process today.

Find out what our customers have to say on our behalf:

“I’m extremely grateful for my lawyers, who have never let me down and were willing to fight for me and my kids. It’s been a wonderful experience working with them , and I am so grateful for them. Since the amount of money they spent will change the fact that what happened to us, they made sure that we were always taken care of.” — Katy S., A Client of a Truck Accident

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